The Whale Tail Story

The story of the Whale Tail mug begins on a boat, of course. It was 1997 and the water around us was as blue as the sky itself. All of a sudden, there was a quiet commotion on deck. The crew cut the engine and told us to look overboard. A whale swam alongside and seemed to play with our vessel. It was an immense and breathtaking creature. The whale dove, causing a splash that rocked our boat. The crew quickly dove in after the whale, leaving our family awestruck on deck, waiting for something to happen. Soon a member of the crew surfaced, his excitement written plainly on his face. “The mother…!” he shouted between large gasps of air, “ underneath!”

A mother. 

And she was beautiful as she jumped and dove one last time, her tail waving and falling gracefully beneath the waves before she finally disappeared. 

What a feeling. What a sight. And what a sadness to know such a beautiful moment was so fleeting. But aren’t all experiences just that? Short-lived? Until it occurred to us that we could preserve this moment through the expression of our art, our craft — and what better way to share it with the world than by creating something you can use and touch everyday.  



And so the Whale Tail mug was born. To this day, it remains one of Edgecomb’s most beloved designs. It warms our hearts to know this mug is loved by thousands of people from all over the world. In a way, these people have shared in our experience as they go on to create their own.

We thank you for your patronage. We also thank the whale for inspiring us to create something beautiful and letting that moment live on, with every sip. You were a true beauty. 

From Maine, with love. 

The Whale Tail Story


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