The Craftsmanship of Pure White High-Fire Porcelain

A Fusion of Art and Science OUR MISSION.

Ever looked at once our pieces of pottery and wonder… how did they get a mug from mud?

Well here we are going to walk through the technical intricacies that make our porcelain pieces so vibrant, enduring and endearing.

Kaolinite Richness: The Backbone of Our Clay

Our clay, sourced directly from the iconic cliffs of Dover, is rich in kaolinite—a primary component of porcelain. This mineral, with its fine particle size and high plasticity, allows for a tighter, more vitrified final product. The result? A porcelain piece that boasts unparalleled vibrancy and translucence.

Vitrification: The High-Temperature Transformation

Our kilns operate between 2000-2500 degrees Fahrenheit, a temperature range crucial for the vitrification process. This high-fire technique ensures the clay particles fuse together, minimizing porosity and maximizing strength. The outcome is a ceramic body that's not only more resistant to moisture and thermal shock but one that also showcases enhanced color vibrancy.

Porcelain: Beyond Ordinary Clay

While all ceramics have their merits, porcelain stands out due to its triaxial composition of kaolin, feldspathic material, and quartz. This unique blend, when fired at high temperatures, produces a ceramic with a dense, glassy matrix, ensuring both aesthetic and functional superiority.

Historical Context: A Legacy of Refinement

Porcelain's origins trace back to ancient China, where it was revered for its strength and ethereal beauty. The material's ability to be thin yet strong, coupled with its translucence, set it apart. Today, we harness these age-old principles, merging them with modern techniques to produce pieces of timeless elegance.

Large Whale Tail Mugs on a kiln shelf waiting to be fired

Clay is a great metaphor in life. It’s trial and error… You get challenges, you meet them. You get stretched…you persevere.  

That’s what we did; we kept perservering."

- Richard Hilton

Our Craft: A Balance of Art and Technique

In our workshop, we meticulously blend the clay, ensuring the right proportion of kaolinite, feldspar, and quartz. This precise balance, combined with our handcrafting techniques, ensures each piece is not just technically superior but also exudes a unique character.

Sustainability: A Commitment to Eco-Friendly Elegance

In a world overwhelmed by disposable plastics and paper, our porcelain pieces are a beacon of sustainable elegance. Ceramics, compared to glass, necessitate less energy to fire, thus conserving gas and diminishing our carbon footprint.

Moreover, choosing ceramics over single-use plastics and paper cups is a stride towards reducing landfill waste and preserving our precious environment for the generations to come. Our porcelain pieces are not merely reusable; they are enduring, mitigating the need for frequent replacements and subsequently reducing overall waste.

Additionally, in the rare event that our ceramics do break down, they return to the earth without a trace, their components rendered inert and harmless to the environment. Any potentially harmful elements are neutralized, ensuring the safety of our ecosystems.

Each crafted piece is a step towards a more sustainable and eco-conscious world, where aesthetic allure coexists with environmental mindfulness.

When you interact with one of our porcelain pieces, you're not merely holding a ceramic item; you're experiencing a culmination of science, history, and artistry. Each curve, each hue, is a testament to the technical prowess and passion that goes into its creation. Dive deeper into our collection and witness the technical excellence of pure white high-fire porcelain for yourself.

Traditional Pitcher, small - Pottery Edgecomb Potters

“I believe that great art pottery encompasses a spirit reflected in life;

no two pieces, as no two people, no two living creatures, are exactly alike.”  

- Richard Hilton