Dear valued customers,

We want to inform you of some upcoming changes we will be making to our rewards program. We understand that many of you have come to enjoy and benefit from our point-based system. However, due to rising costs and the nature of our small business, we have found it increasingly difficult to maintain this program in its current form.

After careful consideration, we have decided to replace our point-based rewards program with one that is based on purchases. This new system will be more straightforward and more accessible for our customers to track and earn rewards with, as well as more manageable for our team to support. While we are still figuring it all out, any existing points will be converted into a reward.

We understand that this change may be disappointing for some of our loyal customers, but we hope you will see the benefits of this new program and continue supporting our small business. We value your feedback and welcome any questions or comments you may have about this change. Stay tuned for more information.
Thank you for your continued patronage and support.

Best regards,
Edgecomb Potters