Super Fly #5

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Made in Maine, Local, Small Batch, Handmade

"Super Fly #5" by Eric Darling

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"Super Fly #5" is a testament to Eric Darling's innovative spirit and his commitment to environmental artistry. Part of the acclaimed Drift Rope Project, this piece intricately crafts recycled rope into the likeness of a fishing fly lure, a symbol deeply rooted in the angling traditions of New England.

The artwork captures the intricate details and vibrant colors of a fly lure, turning a simple fishing tool into a striking piece of art. Eric's skillful use of reclaimed materials not only highlights his artistic talent but also his dedication to sustainability and repurposing.

With "Super Fly #5," you're not just bringing a unique artwork into your space; you're embracing a story of transformation and conservation. Let this piece be a conversation starter and a reminder of the beauty that can be found in giving new life to the discarded.
Artist Info
Eric Darling has been practicing art for over 20 years in several different types of medium. He is a self taught multidisciplinary artist native to New England. His latest creation is the Drift Rope Project. Eric was inspired by the colorful rope that he was finding along the shores of the midcoast and imagined a way to utilize this material in his recent work. He has sourced used rope from Lobsterman and waste stations before they are discarded and created beautiful unique one of a kind pieces.