Fancy Lady Cast Iron Double Candle Holder -  Edgecomb Potters

Fancy Lady Cast Iron Double Candle Holder

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Masterfully-carved with an eye-catching hand-made appeal, the Fancy Lady Cast Iron Double Candle Holder is an extraordinary way to elevate a room's style quotient.

Look closely to see the sensuality in the artist's abstracted interpretation of a woman's form - exaggerated hips taper to reveal the slender curves of the woman's waist resulting in playful silhouettes. Great for when you want to amp up the visual interest of an end table, console table, or tabletop.

Artist Info
This family-owned company, based in California, specializes in contemporary furniture and home décor products and accessories. Their market products are expertly crafted and are imbued with artistic spirit, striking the perfect balance between elegant form and modern function. These pieces will add vibrancy and charm to your living space!