Pastel Scenes Note Cubes


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A Barn
A Path
Blue Field
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Capture the essence of Maine with every note!

Introducing our limited-edition sticky note cube featuring the whimsical pastel artwork of a local Maine artist. Each sheet is a mini canvas adorned with charming scenes that evoke the beauty of the state:
  1. A warm rustic barn surrounded by white flowers.
  2. A winding path through a lush field, inviting exploration.
  3. A majestic lighthouse standing sentinel against a sunset.
  4. A tranquil marsh teeming with life under a soft, cloudy sunset sky.
  5. A field of wildflowers swaying gently in the breeze, a symphony of blues and purples.
More than just a place to jot down reminders, this sticky note cube is a celebration of Maine's unique spirit. It's a little piece of the state you can carry with you wherever you go, a reminder of its wild beauty and quiet charm.

With 700 sheets and a convenient 3.37" x 3.5" size, this cube is perfect for:
  • Leaving thoughtful notes for loved ones
  • Capturing fleeting ideas and inspirations
  • Adding a touch of Maine magic to your workspace
  • Sharing the beauty of the state with friends and family
  • Order yours today and let the creativity flow!