Yoga Tree Circle Cast Iron Sculpture -  Edgecomb Potters

Yoga Tree Circle Cast Iron Sculpture

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The Yoga Tree Circle Cast Iron Sculpture is a great gift for yogis, or for anyone who admires the ancient spiritual practice.

Made from durable cast iron with a gorgeous hand-made appeal, this charming sculpture features a slender yoga devotee in a tree pose - one of the few standing poses in medieval hatha yoga that remains to be popular in modern yoga exercise. Prop this sculpture in your bedroom, living room, or study room to add a dash of character to your living space.

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This family-owned company, based in California, specializes in contemporary furniture and home décor products and accessories. Their market products are expertly crafted and are imbued with artistic spirit, striking the perfect balance between elegant form and modern function. These pieces will add vibrancy and charm to your living space!